Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Letter 2010

Dear Family & Friends,

2010 has been a pretty quiet and uneventful year for us.  We did have fun in the middle of the year driving a car from Omaha, Nebraska to Larkspur, California.  Crossing Nebraska, a little piece of Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada and California we did get to see some beautiful scenery and places.  The trip did include a lunch stop in Nevada at combination diner and bordello – a first for both of us!

The year since last Christmas began with snow, snow and more snow.  We were unable to get out of our house a year ago for our planned Christmas dinner, so had to stay home and eat and drink what we had.  (We are hoping for a milder winter this year).


On the travel front, Maggie didn't make as many trips to California as she planned – something we will fix this year!  Bill, of course, kept traveling, traveling, traveling for work and seemed to be gone most of the time.

The benefit of traveling is that Bill did get to see his family in England as well as get to some Pompey matches.  Luckily Bill was able to be home to see the new nieces and nephews that came into the world this year (congrats to Laura, Gareth and Charlotte).  Maggie will be over to see everyone during 2011.

In Nebraska we were happy to attend the wedding of nephew Tommy and his bride Jaime the day after our 16th wedding anniversary.  (Can’t believe we have been married 16 years!  Seems like only yesterday.)

Maggie has continued to teach art lessons at Madonna Special Needs School and, next spring will be leading the students in creating a History of Madonna School mural.  One of the reasons Maggie didn’t get to California as much this year is that not only did she increase teaching to 3 days a week she also taught summer school again.   Maggie also has two private art students on a regular basis and is looking forward to adding to that in the New Year.  Quite helpful as  art sales continue to be slow in the current economy!

Bill’s work at Lattice Technology continues to keep him busy – and luckily he still enjoys it!  A couple of changes on the team in California this year, but it looks like we have a strong team in place and looking forward to the economy improving……..  Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you view it) it looks like the travel will continue for a while yet as Lattice continues to see business growth in Europe and Americas regions managed by Bill.

On the family front we have more great nieces and nephews on the way in 2011 and we are looking forward to that.

Christmas Dinner will be with our great friends Pam and Rob - a repeat of the one we couldn’t get to a year ago.  Here’s hoping the snow will not stop us again this year.

Wishing all our family and friends a Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year,

Lots of Love
Maggie and Bill XXX

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